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Automatic Pump Station

Automatic pump station control system is based on PLC as the local control unit, industrial ethernet, workstations, the database server as the core of distributed real-time process control system, to carry out the informatization construction of pumping station control system, data acquisition, data transmission, data storage, data query, on/off control, personnel management is the integration of modern information control system; The automatic control system of the pump station can provide the intuitive...


Operation Status Monitoring

The remote monitoring system of pump equipment is to collect various parameters of pump operation through sensors, including pump’s flow, head, power and efficiency, bearing temperature, vibration, etc., automatic monitoring, automatic collection and automatic storage of the pump state, and through the auxiliary diagnostic function of the software, trigger the automatic alarm. Not only can make the equipment management personnel real-time, accurately grasp the equipment state, at the same time can be the first time to find hidden trouble, do in advance prevention...


Improvement of Energy Saving

In ensuring the normal production requirements, does not affect the process safety,  by using high precision instruments and meters repeatedly for field data collection, measurement and overall understanding of the system process, operating conditions, using the ternary flow fluid software proceed system analysis, such as from a water pump, mix  cooperation and pipeline system in three aspects, the diagnosis to the system's current energy consumption situation, to design the system optimal scheme of energy efficiency...


Collocation Maintenance

"Pump Station Operation and Maintenance Service" of Hunan Credo Pump Co., Ltd adopts CRDEONET remote monitoring system and the advantages of the company's excellent expert team of pump station operation and maintenance management to launch the service scheme of improving equipment reliability and reducing operation and maintenance cost for customers...


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