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How the “Pump Artisan” was Tempered


The history of China industrial water pump started in1868. After that, pump industry began to develop in China; When China come into Reform and Opening up stage, Chinese pump industry developed very rapidly.


As the important pump manufacturer base of new China, Changsha has developed new pump products continuously and numbers of pump specialist and management personnel came out.In whom, Xiufeng Kang-- Credo pump founder is the one of these specialists.


Our History


When Chinese pump industry developed rapidly in 1999, Xiufeng Kang chose to quit his job in Changsha Industrial Pump Factory. Later, he founded Credo Pump with some pump specialist, broke the ice of import pumps for the heavy pump and push the developing of Chinese pump. Till now, Credo pumps insist on the principle of : “Technology is the essential and quality should come first”.

Credo Pump will Devote Ourselves to Developing Continuously


To earn more market share of pump industry, Credo pump has devote ourselves to keep promoting technology and quality, keep our eyes on pump details, give play to the spirit of craftsman, do our best to provide safety,energy saving, reliable and intelligent pump and services for the partners, that is the origin of our value ”Best Pump Trust For Ever”


Independent R&D


Technically, Credo invest 12% annual revenue on the independent research and development, which make us gained 23 techincla patents, build up the core technical ability step by step. Credo treat” Intelligent Pump Station” as the main direction of the company's future development, using the “Internet+”thinking to upgrade the traditional pump industry, out to the new way of high-grade, intelligent, modern transformation.

A Trusted Partner


Along the way, Credo pump’s craftsmanship spirit has gained good reputation from our customers. Over the past 20 years, Credo Pump products have been exported to more than 40 countries/regions, covering more than 300 brand users in 5 industries. Many users' "trusting" makes Credo staff more determined to the company mission “Best Pump, Trust Forever “.


Credo's Future


Xiufeng Kang admitted that he was a businessman with his feeling and pursuit. Making money is the duty of the enterprise, let our employees and their families have better life, also let Credo built solid material foundation. Think thoroughly, so live broadness amounts. Credo staff promote the development of Chinese pump industry.

Credo Pump History

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