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Fine Management of Pump Equipment

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  • Time of issue:2020-07-07 13:53
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(Summary description)At present, fine management has been accepted by more and more managers. To do a good job in the daily maintenance of pump equipment, is also a management method, should be brought into the scope of fine management.

Fine Management of Pump Equipment

(Summary description)At present, fine management has been accepted by more and more managers. To do a good job in the daily maintenance of pump equipment, is also a management method, should be brought into the scope of fine management.

  • Categories:Technology Service
  • Author:CREDO PUMP
  • Origin:Origin
  • Time of issue:2020-07-07 13:53
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At present, fine management has been accepted by more and more managers. To do a good job in the daily maintenance of pump equipment, is also a management method, should be brought into the scope of fine management. And machine pump equipment as a materialized science and technology, is the main productivity of the production of machinery and equipment. Therefore, mechanical equipment plays an irreplaceable role in production. Also becomes the contemporary enterprise competition strength and the enterprise image place. How to complete the production task on time, with good quality and high efficiency, in addition to scientific and reasonable equipment pump, mainly depends on the sound operation of the pump equipment.


1.  improve the utilization rate of machinery and equipment, pay attention to economic efficiency

Under the circumstances of the current financial crisis, modern equipment is particularly important. The cost of equipment investment and use is very expensive. Therefore, it is urgent to improve the economic benefit of equipment management and pay attention to operation effect. Only good pump equipment maintenance work, can improve the equipment integrity rate, utilization rate, thus reduce the equipment life cycle maintenance costs and other abnormal expenses, reduce the cost of use, prolong the service life, and further improve the efficiency of investment. In the extended sense of equipment, equipment is a one-time investment, while maintenance is long-term. At the same time, a small amount of maintenance funds can reduce the replacement cycle of equipment. From this point of view, maintenance is also an investment and more benefit.


2. Use the "TPM" system for reference and implement the "Strong guarantee and Group management Responsibility System"

What is the TPM

TPM means "full staff production and maintenance", which was put forward by the Japanese in the 1970s. It is a production and maintenance mode with full staff participation. Its main points are "production and maintenance" and "full staff participation". Optimize equipment performance by establishing a system-wide maintenance activity involving staff. The proposal of TPM is based on the production and maintenance system of the United States, and also absorbs the integrated equipment engineering of the United Kingdom. Due to different national conditions, TPM is understood as the use of production and maintenance activities including operators to improve the overall performance of equipment

TPEM: Total Productive Equipment Management means Total production Equipment Management. This is a new maintenance idea developed by the International TPM Association. It is based on the characteristics of non-Japanese culture. It makes TPM installation in a factory more successful. Different from TPM in Japan, it is more flexible. In other words, you can decide the content of TPM according to the actual demand of plant equipment, which can also be said to be a dynamic method.

So called mandatory maintenance

It's a hard and fast rule for maintenance, and it has to be done by then. The integrity rate and service life of mechanical equipment largely depends on the quality of maintenance work. If the neglect of mechanical technical maintenance, to mechanical equipment problems before maintenance, will inevitably lead to the early wear and tear of equipment, shorten the life, increase the consumption of all kinds of materials, and even endanger the safety of production. Take the sewage outward transfer pump of the Union station as an example, each shutdown reduces the capacity of sewage outward transfer by 250m3/ h, which will cause the shortage of sewage and sewage outward discharge in the Union station, which not only affects the normal production of the Union station, but also increases the difficulty in production regulation. At the same time, the outward sewage will also cause harm to the environment.

The so-called group accountability system

Mainly relies on the worker to discover the problem in the daily operation, handles the problem, the minor repairs and the major repairs union, the maximum limit exalts the mechanical equipment comprehensive efficiency.


3. pump equipment daily maintenance.

Pump equipment daily maintenance is the basic work of equipment maintenance, is to ensure the normal operation of machinery and equipment a strong cornerstone. The daily maintenance of the equipment is generally daily maintenance and multi-level maintenance. In the usual daily maintenance, should be in accordance with: clean, neat, lubrication, fastening, adjustment, corrosion, safety 14 word operation.

3.1 daily maintenance

Daily maintenance shall be carried out by equipment operators on duty. Before the shift, check the shift record, inspect the operating equipment and check the production parameters. During the process, listen to the running sound, sense the temperature of the equipment, see whether the production pressure, liquid level, instrument signal is abnormal.

Deal with the problems on duty before going off duty, fill in the shift record and operating equipment record, and handle the transfer procedures.

3.2 Multi-level maintenance

Multi-stage maintenance is carried out according to the accumulative running time of the equipment. The minicomputer pump equipment is operated according to the following: accumulative running 240h first-level maintenance, accumulative running 720h second-level maintenance, accumulative running 1000h third-level maintenance. The main machine pump equipment is in accordance with: accumulatively running 1000h first-level maintenance, accumulatively running 3000h second-level maintenance, accumulatively running 10000h third-level maintenance.

(1) Check the appearance. Transmission parts and exposed parts, no rust, clean surroundings.

(2) Check the transmission part. Check the technical condition of each part, tighten the loose part, adjust the fit clearance, check the wear condition of bearing and bearing bushing, check and replace the balance plate, mouth ring and impeller, etc., so as to achieve normal, safe and reliable transmission sound.

(3) Check lubrication. Check whether the performance indexes of the lubricating oil and grease are qualified, whether the filter is blocked or dirty, add new oil according to the oil level of the oil tank or change oil according to the quality of oil products. To achieve oil clean, smooth oil, no leakage, no bruising.

(4) Electrical system. Wipe the motor, check the wiring terminals of the motor and power supply cable, check the insulation and ground, so as to be complete, clean, firm and reliable.

(5) Maintenance pipeline. Whether there is leakage of valve, switch is flexible, filter is blocked.


4. improve the pump equipment maintenance level measures.

In order to improve the maintenance level of mechanical equipment, it can be carried out in two steps:

(1) In the maintenance work to basically achieve three, that is, standardization, technology, institutionalization. Standardization is to unify the maintenance content, including parts cleaning, parts adjustment, device inspection and other specific content, according to the production characteristics of each enterprise to develop the corresponding provisions. Process is according to different equipment to develop various maintenance procedures, according to the procedures for maintenance. Institutionalization is to stipulate different maintenance cycle and maintenance time according to different working conditions of different equipment and strictly implement them.

(2) Maintenance contract system. The maintenance of equipment can be contracted out. Maintenance personnel shall undertake the equipment maintenance work of a certain production position, work together with production operators on daily maintenance, tour inspection, regular maintenance, planned repair and troubleshooting, etc., and ensure the equipment integrity rate and other assessment indicators of the contracted position, which are linked to performance assessment and bonus. The maintenance contract system is a good way to strengthen the service of equipment maintenance for production, arouse the enthusiasm of maintenance personnel and the initiative of production personnel.

In modern industrial enterprises, equipment can directly reflect the modernization degree and management level of the enterprise, occupying an increasingly important position in the production and management process of the enterprise, and plays an extremely important role in the quality, output, production cost, task completion, energy consumption and man-machine environment of the enterprise products. Therefore, equipment has played a decisive role in the survival and development of production enterprises and market competitiveness. Equipment maintenance work is closely related to the enterprise production and operation and benefits, especially the current enterprise equipment is constantly updated, high precision, high efficiency, automation equipment is increasing, more show the importance of equipment maintenance and maintenance work.

The implementation of fine management is the transformation from extensive management to intensive management. Doesn't this evolving shift represent an evolution of ideas?

The refined management of equipment and energy saving and consumption reduction is a long-term work, the performance of the machine pump has been improved, consumption reduction is an inevitable thing, the enterprise not only to continue to deepen, promote, but also continue to use the advantages and efficiency reduction, to make their own. To constantly use refined analysis and planning to modify their management strategy to adapt to the changes and competition of the external environment.

The ancients said: "benefit is greater than cure, harm is greater than chaos". The team is so stable, so is the pump management, is the cornerstone of the sustainable development of enterprises. This is also the machine pump maintenance, energy saving and consumption reduction work of the essence.

Fine Management of Pump Equipment

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